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Weybrook Farm

Oak Buildings Hampshire – Weybrook Farm, in Sherbourne St. John. Horton Barns were approached by a private client in spring 2016. They wanted to create a 4 bedroom family house on their pre-existing site. Sherbourne St John is a rural village to the north of Basingstoke. The area thrives on community spirit and is mostly populated with neighbouring farms.

In April of 2016, work on this 3 floored home commenced. Horton Barns was in charge of foundations and all groundwork. After the concrete foundations were laid, work commenced on the Timber Frame Panel Erecting. The panels were pre-fabricated at our workshop in Southampton, by our team of carpenters. These were then transported to site by us, where they were then all erected in under a week.

Once the timber panels had gone up, the house started to take shape, and soon on various other elements could start to be added. Roofing trusses were quickly positioned and all the bespoke oak frame work was lifted into place by crane. With the help of sub-contractors, the red brick façade started to be put up. Also, the clay tiled roof covering more than 200 square metres was efficiently constructed.

With the main structure in place, works could start on the interior and secondary exterior elements. Treated Oak windows and doors were put into place and all services were channelled into the many rooms of this home. The property was laid out with traditional oak flooring and had a bespoke modern kitchen, fitted with a dual range oven.

Over the 3 floors of this property, oak has been a major part of the build, for structural and aesthetic features.  More than £50,000 of the traditional material was lifted into place during the build. The house was landscaped by a subcontractor under the management of Horton Barns, where we then handed over the keys and signed off the build to the client.

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All Horton Barns clients are individuals and treated as such. Our buildings are individually designed and built and are created exclusively to order. Horton Barns oak framed buildings include, but are not limited to, home offices, garages, houses, annexes, conservatories, pool rooms, barns and garden rooms.

Horton Barns offers the service of constructing the base and brick plinth or we will have surveyed your builder’s base. We deliver the complete frame to site and erect with our own directly employed craftsmen. Horton Barns will then stud, clad, cut the roof and fit any specified joinery and glazing. We will then either tile using our own roofing team or leave the building ready for your own roofer.

Horton Barns staff take pride in their work, whether it be drawing a unique design, making an oak frame to the highest traditional standards, assembling a building on-site, making an oak pergola or feature roof truss. Oak Buildings Hampshire.

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